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Matthew Marchand, Oberlin College & Conservatory, Fall 2013

I think either just by chance, by some kind of manipulation of reality by perception on my part, or just by the incredibly hard work of the CUPA faculty as well as my peers in the program, I had an incredible time in Paris, and that is in basically every facet of my stay. From my host family, who are incredibly open, interesting, welcoming people, to classes, which have changed my outlook in fundamental ways, to the support and community that CUPA provided, I feel enriched. I look forward to coming back to France.

CUPA, the Center for University Programs Abroad (formerly COUP) was founded in New York in 1963, and specializes in study abroad exclusively in Paris, seeking to bring as genuine an experience as possible to its students. CUPA is located in the heart of Montparnasse, on the Left Bank, close to the Luxembourg Gardens. Students can choose to study in Paris for a semester or the entire academic year, or they may opt for the six-week long summer program (for more details about the Summer program click here)

CUPA Students

The CUPA program’s high standards are consistent with the outstanding caliber and potential of its student body. Applicants are selected according to their individual profiles and French language skills, and form a community of diverse, talented and motivated individuals. They are well-prepared intellectually and linguistically and seek an in-depth experience as well as a high-quality academic program during their semester, year, or summer in Paris.

A mutually demanding and rewarding relationship exists between CUPA and its participants, based on interaction, dedication, and individual advising, and common values of respect, responsibility, and independence. A language pledge is signed by all participants for the duration of the program, requiring them to speak only in French at CUPA, during all program-sponsored activities, and in their homestays.

Joseph Shaikewitz, Johns Hopkins University, Year 2013-2014

I really appreciated the amount of independence CUPA students have and knowing that the staff is there to help with no matter what, whenever needed.

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Participating Colleges and Universities

Over the last five years, CUPA has welcomed students from the following American institutions :

Amherst College
Bard College
Bates College
Baylor University
Bennington College
Bryn Mawr College
Carleton College
Carnegie Mellon University
College of William and Mary
Drew University
Fordham University
Georgetown University
Grand Valley State University
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
Kenyon College
Macalester College
Oberlin College
Pomona College
Princeton University
Providence College
Reed College
Trinity College
Tufts University
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, Santa Cruz
University of Michigan
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Villanova University
Virginia Commowealth University
Wellesley College
Willamette University
Williams College
Yale University


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