10 reasons to choose CUPA
  • 1

    1. 1. Focus
      A program focusing on a perfect balance between high-level academics and cultural immersion

  • 2

    1. 2. Wealth of Opportunity
      A vast choice of courses from several Paris universities and institutions, covering all major subject areas, and including graduate seminars, independent studies, and programs in Studio and Performing Arts.

  • 3

    1. 3. Cultural Immersion
      A program integrating students into Parisian life by drawing actively on the cultural offerings of the capital.

  • 4

    1. 4. Campus
      An inviting and well-equipped center, located
      in one of the most sought-after student neighborhoods in Paris (Montparnasse and
      the Jardin du Luxembourg).

  • 5

    1. 5. Onsite assistance
      A highly-experienced bilingual staff dedicated to working individually with each student and providing academic, personal and practical support.

  • 6

    1. 6. Constant Improvement
      Regular review of policies and procedures allows the program to maintain its high standards and adapt to the constantly evolving needs of program participants.

  • 7

    1. 7. Human scale
      Large enough to support a wide array of opportunities, but small enough for individualized solutions: 50 students (on average) per semester.

  • 8

    1. 8. Enrichment
      A rich mix of highly qualified students from an average of ten different universities, representing many different cultures and areas of study.

  • 9

    1. 9. Pre-departure planning
      CUPA’s US office has extensive experience responding to the objectives and specific requirements of the American university system.

  • 10

    1. 10. Standards
      A program that respects all ethical, legal,
      and safety standards determined by the profession.

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